“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”


Globalturk Capital is a Pre & Post Investment Management and Advisory Services Firm, assisting and managing investments coming into and going out of Turkey.
In today’s global environment, Turkey emerges as a fast growing investment destination as the 16th largest economy in the World. Many governments including the U.S., have added Turkey to promote as their prime trade and investment partner. According to many independent researchers and investment analysts, Turkey’s “T” has become the 5th character in BRIC as “T-BRIC”, and gone beyond to be part of top emerging market countries despite the political and macro challenges ahead.

We have been and will be witnessing enormous FDI inflows into and outflows from the country in a rapid pace. These inflows and outflows mostly result in the form of partnerships between Foreign and Turkish Investors with different business cultures. In most such instances investors and advisors, be it foreign or Turkish, tend to act impatiently and as if the world is one plain, single marketplace and overlook many of the important details during the pre and post investment periods.

As Globalturk Capital, we understand the circumstances involved in such cross-border transactions and the outcomes during the post investment period.

We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the differences in cultural business practices and relationship matters and expectations management during the Post Investment Period - which according to us starts during the pre investment period with the investment, capital raising and/or sale decision - as a hands-on active partner at the board level.