“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”
Globalturk Capital is led by a group of experienced advisors with varied professional backgrounds. Together, they work to provide the best quality advice, the right challenge and direction, both to our team and to our clients.

Barış Öney

Founder and Managing Partner, Globalturk Capital and EMPEA Country Representative

Barış Öney has over 30 years of worldwide and diverse experience in the areas of pre and post investment management, private equity, mergers & acquisitions and IPOs. His qualifications extend to strategic, managerial and financial advisory as a CEO, CFO, board member/advisor, investment banker, corporate finance advisor, strategic/international business development manager and as a project manager and engineer. Read More >

Bert van der Vaart

Senior Advisor

Hubertus Jan (Bert) van der Vaart co-founded Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) in 1989 in the U.S.A. Today, he is SEAF’s Executive Chairman and oversees equity capital of more than $650 million under management in emerging market SMEs through a network of 19 offices in Latin America, Central Europe, and Asia. Read More >
Success is a journey not a destination. Arthur Ashe

Adrian Goodisman

Senior Advisor

Adrian Goodisman has 30 years’ experience in the energy industry, with a specialization in the oil & gas industry which includes investment banking, strategic consulting, as well as engineering/operations experience. Read More >
Even if you know it all, ask an expert for an advice.

Leon A. Coskun

Senior Advisor

Leon A. Coskun has over 45 years of experience in the financial accounting and tax profession in Turkey. As a Sworn Financial Advisor (CPA), he has founded Denge, one of the pioneering financial accounting firms in Turkey as an entrepreneur, and has grown the firm to more than 600 clients operating in 55 sectors and consists over 250 professionals. In 1999 he joined MAZARS, a multinational financial consultancy firm as a business partner and represents the firm in Turkey since then. Today he is the Chairman and Managing Business Partner of MAZARS-DENGE in Turkey. Read More >