“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”

Why Go Global?

Turkish companies are being challenged by transforming their mindset from thinking and acting local only, to going global in many ways. The need for diversification is forcing companies to look for growth opportunities globally. Going global means more interaction with companies and investors outside Turkey via commercial transactions, equity partnerships, raising capital through strategic or private equity investors or through an IPO. It also goes the other way round and means acquisitions in international markets at the same time.
In today’s operating environment, there is a serious urge for companies and hence their shareholders to constantly seek ways to grow via partnerships and acquisitions and utilize all means available for accessing international capital. However this requires, among other things, setting the right strategies for growth, systematically exploring markets, products and service offerings, transparency, corporate governance, independent auditing, professionalism, detailed budget planning and monitoring the progress, reporting and preparations and monitoring of 5-year business plans.
We believe that it is a good practice for Turkish companies to be prepared at all times to think and act global and do their homework accordingly. This is not something any company can achieve over night but can take months or sometimes years of preparation. It continues after the interaction with the foreign investor also since the need doubles in the post investment period. It may seem difficult to cope with but something that cannot be affordable to act otherwise.