“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”
April 2011

Investment Opportunity in U.S. by Astrum Investment Managament in association with Globalturk Capital at Grand Hyatt, Istanbul

Astrum Investment Management has distinguished itself thorough the combination of strategic real estate fund investment and opportunistic acquisition philosophy. The second part of their Roadshow took place in Grand Hyatt Istanbul on April 8th. Astrum Fund is a unique opportunity to invest in solidly performing office and medical buildings, warehouse facilities and multi-unit apartment buildings in the U.S. Their next roadshow will be in Summer to discuss investment opportunities with Turkish investors and business people. You can find more information on Astrum Fund at http://www.astruminvest.com.

[Video] Akıllı Para - Cüneyt Başaran, Barış Öney, Nevin Sanlı

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