“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”


  • A Northern European Private Equity Investor

    Globalturk Capital represented a Northern European Private Equity Investor, namely Ahlström Capital, in its investment in Turkey, namely EL-Bİ by seconding its partner as a board member. EL-Bİ is a manufacturer of electrical materials and accessories where the products are being sold in Turkey and in many other surrounding countries. Globalturk Capital, among other things, has assisted Ahlström in strategic business development in Turkey and abroad, in finding alternate sources of financing the growing operations, assisted in capital investments and positioning the Company for strategic partnerships between 2011 and 2012 . In this regard, Ahlström Capital has acquired more shares from EL-Bİ in a secondary transaction with the coordination and intermediation of Globalturk Capital through the entire transaction and negotiation process. The transaction was closed by the end of December 2012.

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  • CSP: Solar Thermal Energy Technologies & Services Company

    Globalturk Capital invested in Hittite Solar, a renewable energy technologies and services company by getting a minority stake and advised on commercializing the technology and globalizing the company and its operations. Globalturk Capital assisted the Company in setting-up global strategic and/or financial partnerships along its objectives, and closely monitors its investments and operations.

    The Company has uniquely positioned itself by developing solar thermal technologies (direct steam generation) and desalinization systems, tested and patented them. It was the only company generating steam directly from water, at that time. These technologies were acknowledged and welcomed by professors and experts in the U.S. and in Europe. The Company developed and patented other technologies to generate electricity from wind and sea waves, as well as developed solar thermal solutions to extract heavy oil from reservoirs and to increase steam generation power of inefficient geothermal wells.

    Globalturk Capital exited from Hittite by the end of December 2013 by selling its shares to a Middle Eastern Company.

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  • A Digital Signage, A Corporate TV and DOOH Media Company

    Globalturk Capital has invested in Sistem 9 Medya, a fast growing digital signage, corporate TV and digital out-of-home based media company by getting a minority equity stake option in late 2012 and since then has been advising on growing its operations, setting up corporate governance and reporting structures as well as closely monitoring its investments and operations. Globalturk Capital has assisted the Company in setting-up a a financial partnership alongside its objectives, where NBK Capital was introduced to Sistem 9 Medya. With the coordination and intermediation of Globalturk Capital throughout the transaction process, in December 2014 the transaction was closed and NBK Capital invested with a 51% majority ownership.

    The Company offers a broad selection of LCD displays and projectors, coupled with expertise in customized software development, system configuration, and technology-rich deployment and maintenance services to meet corporate customers’ unique needs. As a leader in the digital signage market, Sistem 9 manages high-quality content of digital signage networks built. Additionally, it owns and operates TV networks that broadcast a variety of advertisements and information programming.

    The transaction was closed in February 2020.

    For more information please send an e-mail to info@globalturkcapital.com