“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”


Globalturk Capital is a Pre & Post Investment Management and Advisory Services firm, located in London and Turkey, assisting and managing investments between UK, Europe, US and emerging markets. We provide our services to both UK, European and US strategic/private equity investors and emerging market Entrepreneurs, by acting as their true glo-cal partners in their investments and growth respectively. Our primary markets are UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Turkey’s environs.
For corporate and private equity investors, among other things, our specialty is that we coordinate, assist and/or manage their current and prospective investments in emerging markets, by aligning our interests with them as their glo-cal hands-on and unique investment partner in the country. Our main goal is to assist them in their post investment period by taking active hands-on roles at the board levels on behalf of them, with a professional yet candid approach towards their local partners. We work to eliminate the miscommunication and business issues starting from the pre investment period, which might potentially pose problems between the partners during the post investment period; or whenever during the life of their partnership.

For emerging market entrepreneurs, as their glo-cal hands-on and long-term partner, we work with them on the overall strategy for their companies, develop detailed business plans, identify required resources and funding needs going forward and prepare their companies to raise capital or partner with investors. We then assist them during the capital raising and/or M&A transactions, strategic business development efforts, setting-up corporate governance and reporting structures as well as international expansion projects. We continue to work with them during the post-capital raising/partnership period to assist them during the life of the partnership.

Our advisory practice encompasses sell and buy side M&A advisory in the UK, Europe, Turkey and in emerging markets primarily for the small to mid-market companies.

As Globalturk Capital, we understand the circumstances involved in cross-border transactions between multinationals and emerging markets entrepreneurs-and the outcomes during the post investment period.

We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the differences in cultural business practices and relationship matters and expectations management during the Post Investment Period - which according to us starts during the pre investment period with the investment, capital raising and/or sale decision - as a hands-on active partner at the board level.