“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”

Who We Serve

Knowing how the global financial and investment community as well as multinationals and small to mid cap companies behave and having worked with Foreign and Turkish entrepreneurs, professionals and investors for many years at various capacities...
we position ourselves to serve:

Foreign Direct Investors - Private Equity and Strategic - who have invested in emerging markets and are planning to invest.

We work directly with foreign direct investors representing them at the boards of their current or prospective portfolio companies and joint ventures as a hands-on director, representative, operating partner or advisor and support them during the pre and post investment period.

Emerging Market Entrepreneurs who already have partnerships with foreign investors and who are preparing to partner with and/or go public, or expand internationally organically and/or via M&A.

We assist entrepreneurs/shareholders at the board level in preparing them to raise capital through an IPO or from private equity/venture capital investors or partnering with strategic investors or selling their companies.