“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”
September 2011

PEI - Globalturk Capital Recently Spoke at the PEI Emerging Markets Forum in London and PEI Turkey Forum in Istanbul...

Globalturk Capital  (http://www.globalturkcapital.com ) had been invited to speak at the PEI Turkey Forum 2011 held in Istanbul on 20-21 September at Conrad Hotel( http://www.peimedia.com/Product.aspx?cID=7441&pID=221958 ).

At this 2-day forum PEI Media, the emerging markets private equity expert, drew together senior top executives from top tier companies, both international and domestic, with investment expertise in Turkey and its neighbouring countries to provide an unrivalled forum experience. 

Our Managing Partner, Mr. Baris Oney was a speaker in this forum, representing Globalturk Capital. He spoke about the “post-investment challenges and important matters to focus on during the pre-investment period to make life easier for both the Turkish entrepreneur(s) and the investor(s) in the aftermath”.
As a company focusing on investments coming into and going out of Turkey, we hope the discussions will increase the level of awareness about the post investment period and shed light into the many prospects. We believe private equity investors will be more encouraged to explore opportunities with a greater appetite going forward in Turkey.
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